About Us

J.E.S. Organ works with individuals and congregations to provide the most inspiring music possible. As the authorized dealer for the Allen Organ Company, J.E.S. organ has a full service and sales network of experts to assist in your search for a new or used organ, or in obtaining service for your current organ. The owner, Jim Sadie, is a lifelong church musician dedicated to the art of music for worship, and is ready to help you and your church realize your dreams for enhanced worship through music.

Our History

E.E. Forbes opened a family business in Alabama in 1889, and over the next 100 years, he and his family brought the gift of music to thousands of homes, schools, college campuses, and churches who obtained one of their pianos or organs. After his death in 1958, French Forbes, Jr. continued his grandfather’s legacy. Realizing that electronic organs and pianos would become popular, Forbes began selling and servicing electronic instruments, and in 1963, became the authorized dealer for the Allen Organ Company, based in Macungie, Pennsylvania.

In 1974, Forbes met Jim Sadie, a musician whose church had recently purchased a digital organ. Jim happened to live near the Forbes showroom in Montgomery, and made regular visits to the store to learn more about the new digital technology. While working to maintain a pipe organ at one church, he continued to monitor the evolution of digital technology by the Allen Organ Company. In 2007, Jim was invited to work with Forbes in Montgomery and the surrounding areas. Before retiring, Forbes worked with the the Allen Organ Company and Jim to transition the company from Forbes to J.E.S. Church Organs of Alabama.

A lifelong church musician, Jim feels privileged to work with churches and organists throughout the region.