Organ Models

GeniSys™ Models

Our organs with GeniSys™ Voices offer tonal flexibility without the need for an additional MIDI device. GeniSys Voices have their own dedicated stops that can be changed to over 250 different traditional organ and orchestral sounds.  Additionally, the Allen GeniSys Display gives the organist the ability to adjust volume and tuning independently.




Chancel™ series instruments feature the authentic Allen sound you expect at a price you can afford.  Chancel™ series instruments make it possible for smaller churches and home organ customers to enjoy the legendary sound that has made Allen the world’s most preferred organ. The manufacturing capabilities, economy of scale and advanced technology provide value at an affordable price.



Allen is pleased to offer the option for custom organs. 

Our experienced staff collaborates with customers to customize a state of the art instrument, one that will meet the unique needs and preferences of a church, organization, or individual.