GeniSys Organs with APEX Technology


GeniSys Organs with APEX technology are a generational advancement in organ building.  APEX provides unparalleled sound clarity along with remarkable features, representing the epitome of digital organ technology for the 21st century.



GeniSys Voices

Allen organs offer tonal flexibility that could not even be imagined a few years ago.  In the past, additional organ voices were available only through a card reader or a MIDI device.  Now, however, Allen’s GeniSys Voices offers an advanced system with greater flexibility and ease of use.

  • GeniSys Voices have their own dedicated controls and voices can be assigned to stops or to pistons.
  • GeniSys voices can easily be changed to over 200 different traditional organ stops, orchestral voices, drum kits, and special effects.
  • Each GeniSys Voice can be coupled between divisions.
  • Each Voice is shown on Allen’s GeniSys Display, and each can be adjusted independently for volume, tuning, and octave.


GeniSys Controller with Touchscreen Technology

Allen offers the world’s most advanced, easy to use console interface.  Its color touchscreen allows organists access to the instrument’s many features, without the need for instruction manuals.  Even guest organists will immediately be comfortable at an Allen console.  This type of user interface has become the standard for advanced technology products.



GeniSys Remote and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Allen GeniSys Organs include features that can be controlled remotely via smart phones or tablets.  With the Allen Remote App, playback of prerecorded hymns, selections recorded by the organist, and other selections included with the organ, can be controlled from anywhere in the church.  This capability can assist organists during choir rehearsals, and also allows the instrument to be used when an organist may not be available.

While Wi-Fi technology is found on many high-tech products, Allen is the first to bring it to organs, opening the door for advanced capabilities and upgrades in the future.